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Sanela Diana Jenkins

Born in Sarajevo and raised in a middle-class family, Ms. Jenkins turned a life of hardship into triumph and philanthropy. She was forced to flee her home after the outbreak of war in 1992 and lived for more than a year as a refugee in Croatia before emigrating to London, where she learned English and graduated with honors with a degree in Computer Science and Economics from City University, London. Today, Diana is a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist and lives in Southern California. She founded functional beverage company Neuro Brands in 2009 and today serves as Chair and CEO of the 100% female-owned and managed company. She is founder and CEO of D Empire Entertainment, a full-service music label. Diana’s true passion is philanthropy. She has raised and donated millions of dollars for a variety of causes including human rights, AIDS research and relief efforts in Haiti, Darfur and Bosnia. In 2002, she founded the Irnis Catic Foundation, named after her 21-year-old brother who was killed in the closing days of the Bosnian war. The foundation raised money to improve the quality of life in Bosnia and Herzegovina, rebuilding hospitals, donating modern medical equipment, funding schools, repairing roads and establishing an international justice center to hold war criminals accountable. Jenkins was a substantial contributor and fund raiser for the Elton John AIDS Foundation and launched the Sanela Diana Jenkins Human Rights Project, which advances the human condition in conflict zones and seeks to improve healthcare and end sexual violence. In 2022, she founded the Sunela Foundation, which raises money to support children and families in need throughout the world. Diana founded the Sunela Foundation in 2022 to support those in need throughout the world.

Diana Jenkins, Founder

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